Event Day Logistics

As the preconference date draws near we’re in your inboxes once again with some updates on event logistics. Here’s where to go, how to get there, what to expect with regard to things like getting onto the internet, as well as other useful information. Here goes…

Registration Update

The event is by invitation. However, if you are among those invited and you forgot to register for the preconference or experienced technical difficulties doing so, no worries. We have been keeping our own master list of attendees. If you are presenting or if at some point you expressed your intent to come to the event to any of the organizers, we have reserved a spot for you. We look forward to seeing you there.


The event is being held in the Templo Mayor room at the Conrad Prebys Aztec Student Union at SDSU. In addition to the Templo Mayor room, during breaks and following the event attendees are also welcome to make use of the building’s various indoor and outdoor public spaces to carry on conversations.


Coffee and pastries will be available in the event space starting at 8:45am. The first panel of the day begins shortly thereafter at 9:00am. Lunch will be provided and the event runs until 4:15pm, at which point folks planning on attending the ICA opening plenary may depart for the conference hotel. Others may stick around for drinks and informal networking before retiring for dinner.


First, let’s note that since none of our organizers are local to San Diego, the following directions and suggestions may ultimately differ from on-the-ground realities. We’ve done our best to gather as much information as possible in advance, but encourage you to do your own investigation before relying on a particular mode of transportation.


The physical street address of the student union is 6075 Aztec Circle Drive. If it’s simpler to remember, you can also query directions to the SDSU Transit Center, which is adjacent to the student union.

Public Transit

As mentioned above, the student union where we’re holding the event is located almost directly next door to the SDSU Transit Center, which is a stop on the San Diego trolley system’s Green Line, making it reachable from the conference hotel for just $5 roundtrip. The trolley commute is 50 minutes, which includes a modest walk from the hotel to the nearest Green Line station (the “Convention Center” stop).

Cab Sharing

For faster door-to-door service, folks can split cab fares to and from the event. Google Maps estimates the commute time for cabs at around 20–30 minutes depending on traffic. The cost of a cab fare is roughly $39 each way—$13 if split three ways, less if there are more riders.

We suggest people intent on taking cabs assemble in the main lobby of the conference hotel, the Hilton San Diego Bayfront, at around 8am to meet up with others looking to split a fare. Both Über and Lyft operate in San Diego and are options as well.

Additionally, we’ve created an open Google Doc—linked to in the email version of this announcement—to serve as a ride board. If you’re not confident in your ability to identify other preconference attendees in the hotel lobby at the groggy 8am hour—or would simply like to get together a group in advance to split a cab—you can put your name down in the Google Doc and use it as a forum to find others looking to do the same.

Driving, Ride Sharing, and Parking

Similarly, if you have access to a car and would like to give a ride—or if you’d like to receive a ride from someone advertising that they have a car—the Google Doc linked to in the email version of this announcement can be a place to make those connections.

Individuals who are driving to the event may park in Parking Structure 3 on the SDSU campus. There are permit dispensers located on Level 1. Our hosts inform us that the cost to park should be “about $6.00 for the day.”

Here’s a PDF campus map for assistance in locating the parking structure.

Electronic Devices and Wireless Internet Access

Our event space is lovely, but we are told that it does have one shortcoming: A relative scarcity of electrical outlets. We suggest that you fully charge any electronic devices you wish to bring in advance. A charging station with power strips will be available for folks who need to recharge their gadgets, but it may not be convenient to your preferred seat.

WiFi will be available and instructions for logging on will be printed on the back of the preconference program for ease of reference. In addition to a guest wireless network, SDSU uses Eduroam. If you hail from a college or university that participates in the Eduroam network your device may connect to the internet automatically.

If you’d like to share the event via social media, the suggested hashtag is #dimat.

Papers and Presentations

Participants can refer to our various email blasts for details on accessing preconference papers, and—if they’re presenting—information on the panel format and on submitting any A/V materials they wish to use.

Also, if you are a presenter who has yet to send us your paper, please take a moment to experience a twinge of guilt—and then send it along at your earliest opportunity so your fellow panelists and moderator can look over your brilliant work before the event.

Podcast and Event Archive

There are still a few installments of the Distribution Matters podcast [iTunes | Google Play | RSS] left in the pipeline. We’re hoping to ship them before the event, but if we’re unable to do so we intend to continue pushing them out afterward. We’re grateful to everyone who volunteered their time to speak with Lucy, Jessica, and Josh for this project.

The plan is also to make audio recordings of the panels at the preconference itself, which we’ll post to the website and drop into the podcast feed in the weeks following the event as a permanent archive of everyone’s contributions. If you have concerns about your individual presentation being posted for posterity, let us know and we can always exempt it from the archive.

Special Issue or Edited Collection

As mentioned in the initial call for abstracts, we’re hoping to select from among the preconference papers to assemble a journal special issue or possibly an edited book based on themes from the event. More details will be forthcoming soon.

That’s it for now! Please let Josh, Ramon, or Amanda know if you have last minute questions or concerns. We’ll do our best to get all your queries answered.