Event Audio: Introductory Panel

This is the first of four podcast installments featuring archival audio from the preconference event. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to capture audio of all of the day’s presentations. If you were there in San Diego, you’ll recall that the A/V system experienced a slow and painful death as the batteries in each of the wireless mics gave out. And while the venue was intimate enough that this didn’t much matter for the live presentations, it does mean that not everything was captured for posterity.
This first installment is the audio from the introductory panel, featuring (in order) Amanda Lotz, Josh Braun, and Ramon Lobato. Joe Turow also presented on this panel, but he stepped away from the microphone to present, so unfortunately his discussion of distribution and power role theory wasn’t captured.

This episode’s theme music is “Strong When She Doesn’t Want To Be,” cc by nc sa 3.0 John Wood

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