The Distribution Matters preconference is organized by…

Joshua Braun, Assistant Professor of Journalism at UMass Amherst

Ramon Labato, Senior Research Fellow in Media and Communication at RMIT

Amanda Lotz, Professor of Communication Studies and Screen Arts and Culture at University of Michigan

For questions or more information, send email to <>

You can follow the event on Twitter at @distromatters and via the #dimat hashtag.

Image Credits

The header images for this site come from William Iven via and from an 1861 edition of Harper’s Weekly via the Library of Congress. The latter is an editorial cartoon, titled “The First Telegraphic Message from California.” It depicts the content of a message sent by California Supreme Court justice Stephen J. Field to Abraham Lincoln—an expression of hope that the completion of the new telegraph link between California and the East Coast would strengthen the bond between Californians and the Union at a time of civil war. More context can be found in Richard John’s book, Network Nation.