Jessica Kunert


When it comes to studying media distribution, one of the more useful insights from my field/disciplinary approach is that the technical possibilities of media distribution are evolving more quickly than the legal frameworks in place. What is ‘right’, not only in the legal sense, and where are the limits to the new types of media distribution? So, this is an insight that says that we need to do more research – but that we are on the right track.

Distribution, as an area of study, is becoming more and more important, and it set right in the middle of communication, journalism, law, and political science research, and that’s only my view as a mainly “quant” person. Also, it’s an area of study that should, in my opinion, work closely with those who are most affected by it, i.e. the consumers.

One thing (or three) I hope to get out of the preconference is to get to know how different types of media distribution—traditional and cutting-edge—can work together to give the consumer an overall ‘better’ experience of all kinds of media. Moreover, I’d like to hear about where the limits are, and where not only monetary, legal, and technical restrictions step in, but also where the consumer draws the line—I’m thinking about my own research on personalisation and the privacy issues that may come with that. Also, of course, I’d like to meet great people who are interested in this field!