Our program is live!

firstHello! You’ll no doubt have noticed some changes around here. We’re taking this website from a static call for abstracts to a place to post useful—and hopefully thought-provoking—information in the lead-up to the Distribution Matters pre-conference event at the International Communication Association event in San Diego this May.

Our first announcement is that the draft program for the preconference is now live. It will no doubt receive some adjustments between now and May, but we wanted to be sure to share the list of presenters and a sense of the event format.

In the coming days and weeks, in addition to further information on event logistics, you’ll also see Q&As and podcast interviews with presenters. We hope you’ll check back periodically and make use of comment threads—as well as the suggested hashtag, #dimat—to engage one another. And don’t worry: important announcements will continue to go out over email, too.

Lastly, since she didn’t credit herself, a word of thanks to Josh’s undergraduate research assistant, Jessica Eklund, for setting up and maintaining this sharp site. We’re very grateful.

—Josh, Ramon & Amanda

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